Friday, January 21, 2011

Moving into Unfamiliar Grounds

I find myself throughout the course of the day in the kitchen.  It is a double edge sword for me as it is a place I LOVE to be, yet I could be there forever ... problem being that for a family to function, I can't be there all day long! 
We are a one car family for the time being, which I am learning daily to find the joys in.  The first month was the hardest, but now I am enjoying the ease of not wondering where we are going to go for the day, but instead, what are we going to do at home and what will we make!?  I am truly blessed to have 2 awesome boys that jump into whatever I am doing with me.  Cole takes after my OCD habits and is quite particular about ALL we do, and Braydon reminds me that boys are supposed to be dirty, loud and aggressive.  So, depending upon the activity, craft, outdoor game, treat we make, dinner we create, or dessert we design, we can end our time in a flour covered kitchen or a spotless countertop, no spill zone.  When I cook with the boys we try to learn while we have fun ... measuring ingredients, counting the times to knead the dough (which Braydon loves to beat), learning the names and functions for foods and best of all sharing memories that will hopefully be held close to their hearts, as I treasure them beyond measure.  I am so excited to share our day to day joys, sorrows, activities, escapes, recipes, crafts and most of all the love that our family shows for each other.  Join me on our hopeful and harmonious ride!

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  1. so cute! welcome to the blogger world! haha! i'm excited to peek into your world from time to time! :)