Monday, January 31, 2011

Buttermilk Waffles for Breakfast and Curry Chicken for Dinner

I'm not sure if I didn't sleep very well last night because Jeremy left for work at 2 am, or because at that point both the boys joined me in bed and made a Mommy sandwich out of me- either way, I was TIRED when I began my Monday morning.
The routined statement of Cole, How did you sleep Mommy?  I had a great nap!, was said and then, wait for it ... I'm hungry!!  I must have growing boys, because I hear that statement ALL day long and they eat ALL day long!  Well, that was my cue to start something for breakfast after their baths.

Cole requested waffles, so as I finished the batter, he tells me he wanted pancakes- this happens EVERY time I make pancakes and waffles, whatever it is that I make, he wants the opposite.  Waffle batter was made, so waffles we ate!    The waffle batter I make is super quick and easy ... perfect for this kind of morning.  Mix 1 c flour, 2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp sugar, 1 c milk ... I used buttermilk today, 1/4 c oil and 1 egg in a bowl and then pour right onto the waffle iron.  Not too difficult huh?! Braydon loves to flip the waffle iron while cooking, so he took that job this morning.

While the waffles were cooking, Braydon began his daily ritual ... scooting the kitchen chair over to our Confectionary Corner, and eating chocolate raisins.  This boy LOVES chocolate ... I can't deny where he got the craving from, but some days it is a bit obsessive!

Mouth full, no shame ...

After a few handfuls of chocolate raisins, breakfast was ready and I was able to convince him of a better breakfast option.  Yesterday, they helped themselves to chocolate chip cookies while I was making beds- this is how I found them ... I am thinking I need to start hiding our treats!!

I will be thinking about how to cure our chocolate addicts, but for the time being, we had breakfast.

I served some sliced apples and strawberries with their waffles, and as you can see from the picture, Braydon didn't appreciate the added color and removed them from his plate ...

and he donated them to a more grateful Cole!

As I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, the boys watched Sesame Street and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture this cute moment ...

They went from hugs and cuddles to tackling each other onto the floor and tickling each other -the great life of brothers.

We spent the rest of our day with a quick Costco run for the handful of items I forgot to get the previous week ... and we couldn't leave without our churros and yogurts-and then of course a Starbucks run on the way home.

When we got home I continued on with this ongoing mission to make the boy's playroom a picture of organized chaos, especially trying to utilize their playroom closet space.  After every birthday and Christmas I purge the old and organize the new ... I managed to get some baskets for some of their things and today I began labeling them.  The upside to using baskets is the obvious clean look and hidden toy- but in doing so I have found that because the toys aren't as visual to the boys, when a basket is brought out after a week of not being played with it has the new toy appeal once again.  Mommy loves the clean look and the boys like playing with the toys again- its perfect!!  I hope to be done with my playroom project this week, but this is what was accomplished this afternoon.

Yep, its time again ... gotta think about dinner!  Thankfully, I got this great QUICK dinner idea from my Mom.  She had made it the night before and raved about it.  What is better than a quick, already tried and true dinner??  Nothing!- so I brought out my faithful crock pot again and got started.  Since I started this later in the afternoon, I put the setting to high and placed 2 chicken breast in the crock pot.  I then added 1/2 c of salsa and 2 tbsp of curry.  That's it!!  

When I'm ready to serve dinner I am going to add 1/2 c of sour cream to the salsa and curry and top the chicken with the sauce.  The house smells AMAZING and the best part is that it was that easy and I so appreciated a yummy and quick meal for our Monday night!  I am going to get started on some corn bread to enjoy with our chicken and then cuddle up with my boys.  Daddy should be home soon- he has been at work for 15 hours now and counting, inventory day for PB! ... hopefully we will all get some sleep before our Tuesday comes ...


  1. Long day for Jeremy! Food looks yummy! I made creaps (sp?) this morning and thought of you inspiring me to make something different! I despirately need to go to the store! Yesterday Emma had bread and butter!

  2. Yes, it was a VERY long day for him ... he got home around 8:30pm and started at 3 am, thankfully he has tomorrow off! Had you made crepes before? Jeremy loves them, I just recently made them for the first time ... perhaps I will make them again soon!! You are too funny, I am sure it was the best bread and butter she had ever had!! ;)