Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweetheart Letters

Sweetheart Thank You Notes

Today the boys got dressed in their Sunday Best, wearing their new ties from their great grandparents, aren't they so handsome?!

Since the boys have received so many cards and gifts for Valentine's Day, we thought it would be fun to say thank you in a SWEET way!  In their mailbags today, they each had a bag of Sweetheart candies, mailing envelopes and paper.  

BUT, before we got started, Cole gave me a flower he picked from outside- I LOVE this sweet boy and his sensitive heart!

And then he shared his project from Sunday School ... so sweet!  He told us he learned about the LOVE of Jesus and how he made a new friend at church, Allison ... and the girlfriends begin!

Now it was time to discover our mailbag project- CANDY!!

While Braydon took an afternoon snooze, Daddy helped Cole sift through the candies for sayings he wanted to use to write his thank you cards.

After we picked our candies, we began writing away ...

Cole decided he wanted to write his own notes too, his dictation was I love you forever forever, forever forever!!  Who wouldn't want to hear that?!

Our thank you Sweetheart notes

After we placed our candies where we wanted them in our letters, I hot glued the candies to stay in place ... we had to make sure they were secured for mailing!  We then addressed our packages to mail out.  Hopefully our family will enjoy a SWEET surprise of gratitude in the mail!!

While I cleaned up, Cole and Daddy played hide and seek with Superman ...  oh to be a little boy!! And, when Braydon woke up, we watched the Charlie Brown LOVE episode, Be My Valentine Charlie Brown while we nibbled on some leftover candies!

Now to get ready for the finale of our LOVE countdown, the BIG day is tomorrow!! How will you celebrate?

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