Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bacon & Dijon Mustard Pasta

A spin on Wolfgang Puck

Since the boys were in bed by 7 last night, Jeremy and I decided that since we couldn't go out for a date, we would bring the date night in! 

While Jeremy went out for a bottle of wine, I started on dinner.  I suppose when you have small children, date night means you are eating food without your kids ... this was tonight!  I wanted to make something that I hadn't made before ... a dangerous attempt when you are hoping for a nice date night with your husband, but I stuck to some familiar flavors I knew we liked and went with it.  This meal has great potential to be extremely fattening, so in places that I could alter the ingredients a bit, I did.  In a saute pan, I melted butter and added chopped turkey bacon instead of proscuitto to crisp.

Once the bacon was cooked through and crispy, I added 4 tbsp of dijon mustard and 2 tbsp whole grain dijon mustard.

Stir the mustards into the bacon and once well incorporated, slowly pour in 3 c half and half- again, to cut calories I used fat free half and half. Stir together on low heat.  While the sauce is blending, I began to boil my noodles.

When the sauce is blended and heated through, I added 1/4 c sun dried tomatoes and continued to cook on low heat.  You can also add chicken, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes in addition to the sun dried tomatoes, I only added the sun dried tomatoes because we didn't want too heavy of a meal. 

Simmer until heated through and add the noodles to the sauce to toss together. 

I topped our pasta dish with some parsley, Jeremy poured some wine and we enjoyed a lovely date night in with a movie.  

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband.  He is my provider, supporter, and best friend.  I am beyond grateful and thankful that we can share nights in together and grow in our marriage and LOVE for one another!!

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