Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall S'more Owls

Fall S'more Owls

My boys like dressing up for the fun of Halloween, but my hubby and I aren't big on the spooky aspect that comes with Halloween so we have fun with other decorative and baking options - this is one of them!

Super easy ...

Break graham crackers in half so the two rectangular parts are still stuck together.  Slice a large marshmallow in half and place the sticky sides up, side by side.  

I then placed yellow Wilton candy melts with the dollop side down on top of the marshmallow's sticky side up.  By placing these sides together it will help the other pieces melt and stick best.

Place in the microwave for about 5 seconds - just enough for the marshmallow to puff up a bit.  Gently press the yellow candy into the marshmallow.  Immediately place a chocolate chip on top of each candy melt and a candy corn in the center.

Such a quick and yummy treat for the Fall season

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